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  Our company was founded in 1993, and had the experience of managing factory for many years. It is sat in the industrial district of the north of Yuyao---Ditang.It is very convenient, depend on 329 country-road, distance 60 KM to Ningbo Airport and Ningbo Harbor.
  We produce professionally kinds of transformers pulse transformer stable press power supply and the transformer shelfs.We owned all kinds of advance test instruments and computer sprinkle shallow machines, yield about 5000 every day and it is 1500MM square measure.
   Trend to new economy, we will with strict science attitude,surefooted workstyle, try very hard to tide of economy global,we regard the market as roiented, innovative as motive power, talented person as core,management as base,do all kinds of works well. we wound first-class quantity, do first-class services, on-site first-class management, (general manager:ChenBo) welcome to our company warmly.
⊙ Product
Power transformer
Audio transformer
Output transformer
Toroidal transformer
Audio inductor(air coil)
Bobbin (coil frame)
Lamp accessories
Washing machine accessories
Plastic parts
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